Finding Creative Inspiration


One of the best experiences in the world is to find inspirations for great work as you feel the creative juices flowing steadily. But what happens when creativity seems to cease in manifesting itself? Creative blocks could leave you feeling uninspired and unengaged. Luckily, there are many ways to reignite or find your creative spark so you could get back on track.

Make no room for doubt. Creativity has its ebbs and flows. There may be days when cannot find that great idea or spark of inspiration to create something. The trick is to believe in your brand of creativity and tap into your imagination regardless of the situation. Make no room for self-doubt and fear have. Acknowledge the emotions but avoid dwelling on them. Do not allow your inner critic to stop the flow of ideas. Go with the flow and see where your ideas go then work from there.

Change your routine. Distract yourself by doing something different for at least an hour or less. Distancing yourself from a looming deadline can ease the pressure off you. It also enables you to divert your attention away for a while and use the time to recharge your mind and body. You might even reignite your creative spark by stumbling upon random inspirations while you are off doing something else.

Get physical. A lot of sound advices you hear in your lifetime would probably go back to getting enough exercise. Whether it is for health, fitness, wellness, or wellbeing reason, someone is bound to give you a solid advice to get regular exercise as often as you can. Many highly creative and successful people are into some of the most grueling sports imaginable. Some actively train and participate in triathlon, marathon, ultra marathon, and a wide array of adventure races. If you observe the people who frequent your gym, you would probably notice a good number of creative people sweating it out before or after work. It would also help to know that a lot of great ideas are sparked while in the middle of an exercise.

Open your mind even to the absurd. Avoid dismissing an idea just because it seems absurd or highly impossible. Explore them and play with what if scenarios. Opposing ideas does not have to end in disastrous results. Finding associations and connections may lead you to the creative spark you are looking for.

Squeeze in some relaxation time. Some people believe that they work best under pressure. While this may work at some extent, chronic and excessive pressure can lead to a lot of stress in your life. One way to find your creative spark is to learn how to manage stress well. Turn negative stress into its positive form. Positive stress motivates you as it triggers curiosity and excitement that may break the barrier of boredom that may creep on you.

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