Your Short Guide to ESports

What are eSports? If you’ve been reading eSport websites, then you probably have an idea. But for those who are new to the term, read on.



In layman’s term, eSports refers to the competitive playing of video games played at a professional level.

Popular eSport games are played by teams, and tournaments or leagues are conducted each year for a final event.

Depending on the game, the format could be one-on-one. For instance, in Hearthstone and Street Fighter V, players play individually without a team supporting their back.

Kinds of Games

Games are categorized based on their formats. They could be a first-person shooter game or a multiplayer online battle arena game or MOBA. In the latter, two teams compete with each other. Each group is composed of heroes with distinct powers, strengths, and weaknesses. In here, the goal is to have the upper hand by destroying the base of the enemy and killing opponents.

Famous Games

There are numerous video games under eSports, but these are the three most popular ones.

Top 3: Dota 2


Compared to our top 1 and top 2, this game is a bit far when it comes to the number of spectators. However, its players are still one of the highest earners in eSports. It’s the game that professional gamers should choose if they want to get their hands on some serious cash.

Top 2: Counter-Strike

After launching Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) in 2012, more and more players loved the game. The first version was released in 1999, and it has always been on the top of the list for most-loved games ever since. It has funded more than 540 tournaments already, and its success seems to reach higher heights by the minute. Players also love collecting skins or cosmetic finishes for their guns and knives, which makes the game more thrilling to play.

Top 1: League of Legends


Today, this is the most popular professional game. It continues to expand its audience ever since the 2014 World Championships. Based on statistics, around 67 million people are playing League of Legends every month. That’s a huge number! To boot, studies show that 27 million gamers play it at least once a day. Because of the number of players it has, it’s in the number one spot for the planet’s most famous eSports game, and it looks like the hype won’t fade just yet.

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